Tough on crime prosecutor. Balanced budgets, tax relief and defeating the local ‘Defund the Police’ movement as Mayor. Decorated Combat veteran. Great-grandson of a slave and the first in his family to graduate from college.

Richard Irvin knows what it means to take on tough challenges and defy the odds.

the American Dream

Richard’s life is the embodiment of the American Dream.

Born to a single mother and raised in the projects of Aurora, Richard was the first in his family to graduate college.

After graduating high school, he enlisted in the military. He became a decorated combat veteran, receiving an Army Commendation. He then used the GI bill and Illinois veterans benefits to put himself through college. He was determined to build a life based on service – giving back to his country and improving the lives of people around him.

tough On Crime

Richard has always focused on law and order. As a prosecutor, he put violent criminals behind bars—including gangsters, drug dealers, and wife beaters.

He was hands-on, going on raids into drug houses. As Mayor of the second-largest city in Illinois, he defeated the local ‘Defund the Police’ movement by standing proudly with law enforcement and hiring more cops to keep our communities safe. During the summer of 2020, when Chicago did nothing to stop looting, Irvin called in the National Guard, shut down roads, and arrested lawbreakers. While crime has skyrocketed around Illinois, Richard held crime down in Aurora. As Governor, he’ll continue to be tough on crime and criminals.

twice Elected

As the twice-elected Mayor of Aurora, Richard eliminated wasteful spending and balanced the city budget every year.

He worked to give people a property tax rebate and sparked economic growth. He fought for property tax relief for city residents, and he embraced opportunity zones to lower taxes and create jobs. As Governor, Richard will rein in government spending, cut taxes, balance the budget, and fight for property tax relief.

While other Republicans are regularly steamrolled by Mike Madigan and Springfield insiders, Irvin fought Madigan and won. When Irvin ran for Mayor, he defeated Madigan’s hand-picked candidate so he could take on the system. Irvin is a political outsider who supports term limits to get rid of career politicians and is a strong supporter of fair maps so every voice in every community is represented and heard across Illinois. Irvin will clean up Springfield corruption.

Irvin & Bourne
will clean-up Springfield corruption