Avery’s roots in Illinois run deep. She lives in the same farmhouse her family settled in nearly 150 years ago. Growing up in a farming family, she learned the value of hard work and the importance of leaving a place better than she found it.

Seeing others her age leave Illinois for better opportunities, Avery entered public service to proudly represent a new generation of Republican voices.

the Youngest

Avery was the youngest person to be sworn into the Illinois legislature when she took the oath of office in 2015.

Since then, she has worked every day for a better state where families can live, businesses thrive, and people take control of their government.

Avery has been a leader in fixing the education funding disparities across the state, ensuring that all children, regardless of their zip code, have access to a quality education. She has fought for comprehensive ethics reform in the legislature and advocated for safer communities across the state. With a pro-growth mindset, she supported initiatives to strengthen communities and help attract new economic opportunities in rural Illinois. Her passionate defense of Illinois families and the rights of parents have been a bold light in the state legislature.

opposed Defunding Police

She opposed efforts to defund the police and stood with law enforcement against violent criminals.

She opposed Pritzker-Madigan tax hikes and out-of-control spending, and fought to clean up the Madigan corruption in Springfield.

As Lieutenant Governor, Avery will be Richard Irvin’s partner in fighting crime, cutting taxes and spending, and cleaning up corruption.

Irvin & Bourne
will clean-up Springfield corruption