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Take it Back|Lower Taxes|End Corruption|Fight Crime

for The People

Richard Irvin is a veteran, former prosecutor, and Mayor.

First African American Mayor of Illinois’ second-largest city. Decorated combat veteran. Great-grandson of a slave and the first in his family to graduate from college. Now, Richard Irvin is running to be the next Governor of Illinois.

GOP Endorsements

Republican Leaders Endorse Richard Irvin & Avery Bourne


Crime has exploded under J.B. Pritzker’s watch.


Illinois has the second-highest property taxes in the nation.


For far too long, Illinois has been held hostage to the Madigan Machine.

for Illinois

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State Representative Avery Bourne is running to be Illinois’ next Lieutenant Governor. The youngest legislator to be sworn into office in the history of the state, Avery’s roots run deep in Illinois. As Lt. Governor, Avery will be Richard Irvin’s partner in fighting crime, cutting taxes and spending, and cleaning up corruption.